Hoang Hai Ahn

About …
Hoang Hai Anh is a respected painter in Vietnamese academic painting circles. His nudes are painted with passion in strong colors and with vigorous brush strokes of thick oil paint. Hoang Hai Anh’s style has a raw intensity using art as a powerful expressive medium.

Hoang Hai Anh was born in 1970 in Hanoi, into an artistic family. From 1993 to 1998 he studied at the prestigious Hanoi Fine Arts University, where he concentrated on perfecting his techniques in lacquer and oil painting. He is now a leading figure in the “2 + 3” art group which, like the “Gang of Five” in the 1990s, represents some of the best young artists in Vietnam. Hoang Hai Anh is considered the leading figure of the group, along with Doan Hoang Lam and Le Anh Quan.

1970 Born in Hanoi
1998 Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University
1999 Teacher of Fine Arts in Hanoi

1995 Participated in student exhibition
1996 Participated in student exhibition
1997 Participated in Hanoi exhibition
1998 Group show in Hanoi
1999 First solo exhibition in Hanoi
1999 Vietnam Asean Fine Art Contemporary Group Exhibition
2000 Solo exhibition in Thailand
2001 Group show, “Three Young Artists”, in Hanoi

From 1994 – 1999: Hoang Hai Anh took a painting course at Hanoi Fine Art college-the most prestigious Fine Arts training center in Vietnam nowadays. Here he studied and mastered techniques of Vietnamese lacquer and Western oil painting. Never being scrolled by the very changing winds of decorative art world, he belong to such kind of artists who disregard commercial purposes to dedicate all their lives to pure art, in term of an expressive medium. That is why he becomes a respected and prospective one in the Vietnamese academic painting circle.
1990: In the early 19990’s, a group of young painters calling themselves “The group of five” was founded; among them, Hong Viet Dung and Dang Xuan Hoa being the best-known member. Then came a group called “The Five Faces” and now another group called “two plus three”, consisting of five young painters whose age are around 30. Along with Doan Hoang Lam and Le Anh Quan, Hoang Hai Anh is considered the leading figure of group “two plus three”, expected to be young emerging talents of the art science in Hanoi.

Hoang Hai Anh’s paintings are not easy to perceive and to understand. They are reflection of real life and passions for which he desires. His vigorous stroke are compatible with his strongly contrast color tones.

2000-2001: Hoang Hai Anh’s series of female nudes are among his 2000-2001 projects. The secret they conceal are lightly held by thick paint. The inside are exposed, tender to touch and almost painful to view. Like human character, his language is original, disturbing yet wonderful, bringing freshness and awareness to the Vietnamese art science.