Ma Ye

About …
Original name Ma Zhihai. Born in 1964 in Shaanxi, he graduated from Xian Academy of Arts in 1988 and has been working as a professional artist in Beijing since 1993.
Selected Exhibitions:
1991 “70th Anniversary of Communist Party”, Xian Art Works, Shaanxi Art Gallery.
1994 “Red – Soul”, Solo Exhibition, Wanfung Art Gallery, Beijing.
“Three Artists of Yuanmingyuan”, Beijing.
1996 “9+1”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, September Gallery, Beijing.
1997 “Deconstruction”, Solo Exhibition, American Embassy in China.
1998 “Mother”, Solo Exhibition, Beijing Hilton Viewing Gallery.
2002 “Contemporary Painting Exhibition”, Military Museum, Beijing.
“Red Square Show”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Red Square Art Gallery, Beijing.
“Time and Space: The Development of Modern Painting”, Beijing O Station.
“How Are You? Wangfujing!”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wangfujing, Beijing.
2003 “Village Creations: Songzhuang Artists Exhibition”, Beijing Visual Arts Center.
“100 Contemporary Chinese Artist Exhibition”, Beijing Dalu Gallery
“The First Youth Art Exhibition”, Today Art Gallery, Beijing.
2004 “100 Contemporary Artists Show”, Beijing Qianjing Gallery.
2005 “10×10”, Song Zhuang Contemporary Artists, Song Zhuang Art Camp.
I use satire in my works to explore the humanist connotations of our present enlightened civilization, juxtaposing the idea of a civilized human against the idea of a civilized metropolis. I present them on an identical plane in a beautiful cultural environment that cuts through space and time. I work with monotones not merely because it reflects my personality and my own preferences for simplicity, monotones also suggest that alienation, the distance and unfamiliarity that exists in our world today.

My Undress series does not refer to undressing in its literal sense. To take off one’s qipao is equivalent to removing one’s history and culture, hinting that our culture is at a crisis. Undressing is also a metaphor for leisure and amusements in our society today. The reappearance of landscape, the lascivious creatures within and outside the Great Wall signify the bustling and prosperous situation of our motherland.