The gallery

At the area of Surin, Phuket (The Plaza Surin), Eric Smulders has converted 3 shops into 200 m2 of Master Paintings and Antiques.

Mr. Smulders comes from an Old Dutch industrial family well known for their love of the Arts. His great grandfather owned one of the largest collections of Dutch Old Masters, part of which is still in the family’s possession.

With Art running through his veins, Mr. Smulders continues the long tradition of his family. After he sold out his business interests in Hong Kong and China, he created a gallery in Hong Kong called “Master Paintings” the largest western Art Gallery in Asia.

In 2002, Mr. Smulders decided to combine his love for Phuket (golfing, diving and fishing) with his love for the Arts and you are invited to come and enjoy what his new and unique gallery has to offer.

  • Master Paintings from Asia
  • Asian Antiques
  • Chinese Antique Furniture
  • A special collection of Chagall, Dali, Picasso and Warhol lithographs